Pedagogies of Punishment
Pedagogies of Punishment
How and Why Should Schools Punish Students (If At All)?

Pedagogies of Punishment


How and Why Should Schools Punish Students (If at All)?


With principal investigators John Tillson (Liverpool Hope University) and Winston C. Thompson (The Ohio State University) at the helm, this Center for Ethics & Education funded project brings together emerging and established scholars from a range of institutions and disciplines (inter alia, education, law, philosophy, politics, psychology, and sociology) to discuss the defensibility of punishment in schools, addressing the specific complexities of two similar though distinct contexts (i.e., the US and the UK). This shared work endeavors to establish and explore normative criteria by which to evaluate and inform decisions about school discipline policies and practices.

We Are A Community of Scholars …

This project contains two main components:

The Symposium

Fourteen multidisciplinary scholars share expertise at a symposium in April 2019. At the symposium (based in Columbus, Ohio, US), each researcher nominates and facilitates discussion around one state-of-the-art reading from their discipline in a ninety-minute session. They situate the reading within a broader context, facilitating critical engagement on its potential implications for school disciplinary policies and practices.

The Conference

After months of writing following the symposium, these fourteen scholars present works-in-progress and receive thoughtful responses from up to fourteen further multidisciplinary scholars acting as critical friends. Held in Liverpool, UK in July 2019, this conference event allows for the further refinement of these sub-projects within a public venue open to all.

…Addressing a Shared Set of Questions.

Additionally, a wider group of affiliated scholars shall publish on this website blog posts related to the core concerns of the project. By so doing, the project aims to create a broadly accessible set of resources to further inform the work of researchers, policymakers, and practitioners.